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Update on 01 May 2023

Enforced Disappearance (English + urdu)

Enforced disappearances continue to tarnish the already dismal state of human rights in Pakistan. It has been a problem in the country for many years now. Despite pledges from various ruling dispositions, the required legislations to root out the problem for once and for all have been few and far between. The practice goes unchecked and people continue to be forcibly disappeared without regard for individual rights or legal barriers. There are 2178 unresolved cases of enforced disappearance still pending with the commission of inquiry on forced disappearances. In view of this dismal state of human rights in Pakistan, defense of human rights is in a vanguard position in raising its voice against this blatant violation of individual liberties and macabre parody of fundamental rights in Pakistan. Through engaging in a wide range of activities like training volunteers, pushing for legal reforms and highlighting the plight of families of the disappeared ones, our organization is determined to bring to an end this unjust state of affairs in the country and turn Pakistan into a more equitable and just society. Defense of human rights is a non- profit organization that struggles against enforced disappearances in Pakistan. If you know anyone who has been a victim of enforced disappearance, you can seek our help. For this purpose you will have to fill out this form with complete details and submit it with us.

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Enforced Disappearance Reporting Form


Any other Human Rights Violation

The grotesque and tarnished state of human rights in Pakistan is not a hidden secret. It is probably as old as the country itself. Freedom of expression is severely curtailed in Pakistan. Violence against women and girls remains widespread. Torture, rape and enforced marriages are part of the everyday lived experience of the women in Pakistan. Lack of access to nutrition, health, education and a safe life is a blemish on the facade of social existence in the country. Religious and ethnic minorities continue to be persecuted under the rubric of blasphemy laws and remain constantly on the hit list of non-state actors in the country. Environmental justice is nowhere in sight with masses suffering due to unchecked activities of vested interests in the country. In short, the very life of people in Pakistan is under great stress due to multiple and deep seated curtails on human rights in the country. In light of such a scenario, defense of human rights has taken upon itself to right the wrong and raise its voice at every platform to better the lives of people of Pakistan.


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